Romeo's work is included in public and private collections

From international airports to law firms, in Australia, Japan, Maui, New York and
New Zealand.

For nearly half a century, Romeo Robert Tomei has been serving and enhancing the world of art.

The breadth and depth of his life-experience is mirrored in a wide scope of expression. From film, theater and design to palette and canvas, his work stretches across three continents; private collections, galleries, Fortune 500 companies and the White House.

For Tomei, "The world of contemporary art is without limits. It opens the door to the observer, to use Their imagination, and to understand the artist's intention. It allows the viewer to observe, in the Language of the artist, the infinity of all things."

Tomei blends traditional materials and methods with modern chemistry. Through Kaleidoscopic colors, he creates impastos of 3-dimensional beauty.

photos above by Andrew Steinman

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Romeo Robert Tomei